Month of Wedding Planning

The Month of Wedding Planning and Coordination package can include pieces from our Full Service Wedding Planning services.  Let’s meet to discuss your wedding vision and your specific needs.  Call 650-996-1658 today.

The details:

Perhaps you are the kind of person who has everything in hand and you just need some help to ensure that everything goes smoothly.  Here is where we come in.  We will meet with you prior to your wedding, ensure that we have a full understanding of your vision and all the players.  Then on the day of your wedding, we will act on your behalf to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

There are so many details that need to fall into place on the day of your wedding that you as the host don’t have time to, nor should you, be bothered with if you are to truly enjoy your wedding.  We’ll maintain a sense of calm by tackling the last minute questions and dilemmas.

All of our Month of Wedding Planning services listed below work together to ensure that you, your fiancé, wedding party, family and friends truly enjoy the wonderful celebration that you have taken a lot of time and effort to plan.

  • Initial meeting with you to understand the scope of your vision and all the elements involved in your special day
  • Contact all vendors prior to the event and coordinate with them that day of your wedding
  • Creation of day of celebration timeline to keep everyone on track
  • Creation of task lists and items to bring lists for each member of the wedding party
  • Coordination of rehearsal and other wedding events, such as: pre-wedding and post-weddings celebrations
  • Placement of all items at ceremony and reception venues
  • Ensure that all floral and decor are as you planned
  • Provide direction to ensure that everyone knows where to be and what to do at the right time before and during the ceremony and as the reception plays out
  • Visual oversight of ceremony and reception venues to ensure that “the stage is set” as you had envisioned
  • Contact all service providers as needed on the day of the celebration and manage any last minute needs or questions
  • Management of required paperwork (contracts, marriage license, etc.)
  • Collection of all items at ceremony and reception venues and distribution to those you designate after your special day
  • Distribution of payments you provide to vendors on day of your celebration

A La Carte Services

You might be somewhere between our Full Service Wedding Planning Package and our Month of Wedding Planning package; you know what you want, have many of the arrangements completed, but you need some help in ironing out all of the details.  We are happy to help by providing direction to proven service providers and give you ideas on enhancements that will make your celebration more meaningful and memorable.

Here are a few of our A La Carte Services:

  • Invitation & Program creation
  • Budget and/or Timeline development
  • Wedding Rehearsal Coordination
  • Day of Celebration checklists for all key players
  • Hotel and Transportation arrangements
  • Readings and Music selections